About Oulate Financial

Oulate Financial provides expert guidance, strategy, and planning to clients who want to achieve financial security. Founded by finance expert and former Northwestern Mutual representative Allan Oulate, the company offers six professional specialties for every stage of life and every type of client:

  • Financial Security: management and planning services that increase your financial leverage while minimizing risk and/or tax liability
  • Wealth Accumulation: Smart strategies for saving and investing that help you grow your wealth over time
  • Preservation and succession: Planning for high net worth individuals who want to preserve their wealth and transfer family business to the next generation
  • Executive and Employee Benefits: Comprehensive advice and strategization of benefit programs for members of organizations
  • Tax-Efficient Retirement Solutions: Plans that allocate savings and mitigate owed taxes as you work toward retirement
  • Life and Disability Solutions: Insurance plans that ease financial stress on you or your loved ones in case of disability or death
  • Multigenerational Legacy Planning: Strategies for leaving wealth behind to family, business, or community after client is gone

Oulate Financial assists clients in every step of their goals. Because the company builds long-lasting relationships with clients, each solution is tailored to not only fit the client’s current needs, but to provide for the futures of their families, employees, and communities. Oulate’s business model is built on four core values:

  • Putting clients’ interests first
  • Providing superior guidance and service
  • Designing the most effective solutions
  • Recommending the most qualified professionals

Collaboration is highly valued at Oulate Financial, and the team works with other skilled professionals and specialists to create the most informed, well-rounded plans possible for every client. What makes the company different, however, is that the collaboration process is still streamlined and cost-effective instead of overwhelming.

“The people I work with often already have up to six different advisors,” Allan Oulate explains. “I can come in with strategies that reallocate what they’re putting aside so that it’s actually efficient for them.”

The many services of Oulate Financial all contribute to the company’s mission: to design the most efficient “road map” to financial stability and security on which clients can rely at every turn.